President –
Marie-Therese Sauer

Who presidents the president? Everybody else, honestly. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that I could never grow enough fingers to count the times the Committee has saved me from running into open traffic while I was staring up at the sky – both metaphorically and literally. So keep that in mind when reading the following list:

Regular Duties…

  • Hosting the weekly meetings, introducing new people to the group, making everybody feel welcome & at home
  • Giving constructive feedback on the weekly texts and encouraging the brilliant people there to banter, philosophise & analyse in equal measure
  • Overseeing the Committee’s progress on all projects, checking in with individual members when necessary & developing new solutions to unprecedented problems together
  • Hosting Committee meetings, fostering an atmosphere of innovation & creation, leading the debate and making sure that democratic conclusions are reached & agreed upon
  • Acting as representative & signatory of the society when meeting with third parties, e.g. the University of Vienna, publishing houses, writing coaches, bookshops, etc.
  • Assigning, re-assigning, modifying, delegating or assuming responsibilities as necessary to make it possible for all Committee members to reach their goals
  • Taking the initiative in opening up new potential ventures: reaching out to potentially interested parties, attending other events, networking, etc.
  • Aiding the Treasurer in drawing up the annual finance report (Selina’s got that on lock, though)

Annual responsibilities:

  • Developing & implementing the timeline for the Society’s annual anthology (setting deadlines for collecting, reviewing, editing texts; collecting, reviewing artworks; correspondence with artists; creating book in InDesign; advertisements; public release event; sales)

Vice-President –
Anmol Gandhi

Yo, yo, yo. It’s your VP and Uni-Verse’s own Veganista (did you get the pun—wink, wink) in the house. Being in Uni-Verse has been a wild ride, made way more adventurous by everyone on the team, especially, Liv, whose kindness and welcoming spirit made all the difference in the beginning. Okay, enough mushy stuff (not that there is anything wrong with it); let’s get on with it, shall we?

Now, before we get into the official duties, I would like to share with you one of my greatest accomplishments as the Vice-President: organising/leading the Uni-Verse hike. You read right, people! Who knew on that beautiful February day (thanks climate change) as I wrote the Uni-Verse newsletter imploring my fellow Verselings to get in touch with me if they were interested in a hike that I would actually convince them to partake. (For reference, most of my friends have only ever hiked the once with me. Something about it being traumatic, blah, blah.) So, imagine my unadulterated joy when we stood before a fork in the woods – one leading us back to the Stadtwanderweg; the other leading us to adventure – and everyone replied “Adventure.”

I’m certain a tear of joy slowly rolled down my cheek as I set foot on the barely-there hiking path. Now, we might have come out on the other side of the city, exhausted and dehydrated, and we might have endured the atrocious service in a traditional Viennese Gasthaus, and I might have (low-key) lost my cool because of the aforementioned atrocious service in the traditional Viennese Gasthaus, but no one can take Ben’s hiking pantry (he really did get half of his kitchen, including his cutting knife – thanks for the PBnJ, Ben!), Marie’s hiking sandals (she’s hardcore like that), James’ knowledge of birds, Claudia’s breezy vibe, and the fact that Vinod was clearly the pro away from us. It’s just how we roll at Uni-Verse.

Now, without further ado, let’s get down to business and discuss what the vice-president actually does (except bringing joy to people on hikes):

  • Have an overview of dates, options, lacks, possibilities, potentials, unresolved issues & communicating these
  • Find holes in the (President’s) plans and fill them
  • Brainstorm ideas for the podcast/events/collaborations
  • Jump in for the president when absent e.g. hosting a regular meeting/presenting at the U-V at a staff meeting
  • Organise the AGM (and – if applicable – the EGM) with the secretary
  •  Plan the finances with the president and the treasurer
  • The Pocket Universe anthology (my baby): select and edit texts; select  illustrations and cover; plan release event; communicate with shops that might accept the anthology (e.g. Shakespeare & Co, phil, etc.)
  • The ÖH-grant application (collaboration with STV, go-to person: Marina; application should be filed sometime in late September ideally)
  • Be the contact person for issues related to facultas and the STV
  • Pflichtabgabe: submit one copy of the anthology to Austrian National Library; and request one at Bibliothek des Bundeskanzleramtes
  • Lastly, perhaps, the most important one: communicate, communicate, communicate.

P.S. next hike on Schneeberg???

Previous Vice-Presidents: Livia Regen

Secretary –
Philipp Kroiss

Hey there, it’s your old pal Philipp here, a.k.a. secretary of the Uni-Verse. I’ve been a committee member for the past three years and have watched Uni-Verse, as well as the committee, grow and evolve immensely in that time. As a young students’ society we didn’t have any guidelines on how to do any of the things we planned on doing so we had to start from scratch, write our own rules and keep on re-writing them to adapt to the many challenges we’ve faced in such a short time.

Nevertheless, we were determined and set our goals high from the start and went on to publish two books, produced several audio plays, organised open mic nights, workshops with established writers and still continued to meet every week to discuss our own texts. And as the secretary, it was my pleasure to record it all.

As secretary of the Uni-Verse my main responsibilities are:

  • preparing the agenda for committee meetings
  • taking minutes at the committee meeting and transforming them into a report to look back on when needed
  • organise the annual general meeting and extraordinary general meetings with the vice-president
  • keep a list of who is currently an official member
  • archive documents such as old booklets and minutes

Treasurer –
Selina Rebhandl

regular duties:
• supervise the society’s finances
o bookkeeping
o covering bills
o write invoices

• keeping and being in charge of the cashbox
o collecting membership
o selling anthologies

• organise the finances around events
o approve event budgets
o collect the bills
o refund committee members/helpers

• contact person for sponsoring members

annual duties:
• the annual finance report
o compile and get approval by the wardens
o present the annual finances at the AGM

• approach writing- and art-related companies about sponsoring

Previous Treasurers: Tessa Evert

Social Media Manager –
Amadea Brenner

The Social Media Manager aka Social Media Guru is the keeper of the Uni-Verse’s social media channels, website and email inbox! While parts of this position are focused on managing the Uni-Verse’s online presence, the social media manager also designs announcements of meetings, communicates with members and interested persons via email, and takes care of any technical needs as well as hiccups in the online orbits of Uni-Verse. An ideal social media manager is conscientious, creative and has an affinity for digital matters. In collaboration with the event manager, this position serves as an important intermediary between event planning and public communication.

As social media manager, I have contributed to projects such as Pocket Universe#1 and #2, the Uni-Verse Advent Calendar audio play „Present Perfect“ and the introduction of Most of my responsibilities lie with the Uni-Verse’s daily business. I’m planning to continually improve our communication on social media and our availability per mail in the future.

Event Manager –
Holly Girling

The event coordinator is the official hype-master of Uni-Verse! The role entails pitching event ideas as well as managing and organizing all events. From holiday parties to guest speaker workshops, the event coordinator is sure to manage all the little messy details. This includes: filling out a detailed event form for the committee, scheduling, selecting venues, providing materials, organizing activities, promoting events, collecting feedback and responding to requests.

Some previous projects that I personally presented include the book swap extravaganza and the Sundays Lovely Sundays summer month of special events; a hike, poetry picnic, cafe meet-up and open mic.

Future plans include….drumroll please…the Silence anthology book launch! As well as a literature pub quiz in the fall and holiday events (Halloween, Christmas). Looking forward to seeing you there! 😉

Previous Event Managers: Charlotte Zerz, Elifnaz Kabalci, Carrie Wittmann

Podcast Team

We are currently reshuffling our plans for the podcast team, so stay tuned for that!

Previous Podcast Master: Leonhard Engelmaier

It’s always Very Serious Business at the Committee