Do you like creative writing? Are words your best friends and (digital) paper your hiding place?

Then join the Uni-Verse! We are a group of writers, poets and people passionate about creative writing. We meet on a weekly basis to share our poems, stories and writermajigs with each other. If you’d like to visit the Uni-Verse or become a part of it, let us know by sending an email to Everyone is welcome! 🙂 

Our meetings are for everyone, you don’t have to sign up or register in advance! Just join us if you have some time and enjoy a lovely evening with your fellow writers!

The meetings are announced via our Instagram and Facebook page! You can find all up to date information on these two platforms:)

Currently, our meetings are online, you can find the Zoom link here!

Stay healthy, stay sane and never stop writing,

the Uni-Verse Committee