Here you can find frequently asked questions about our writers’ group, our meetings and membership. If you cannot find your question below and/or would like to get more info, feel free to send us an email at 🙂

1. What is Uni-Verse?

The Uni-Verse Creative Writing Society is a student society based at the English Department of the University of Vienna. It was founded by and is run by students for students to facilitate, promote, and support creative writing as well as any and all interested in it (in reading or creating it).

2. What does Uni-Verse do?

During the academic year (October to June) we host bi-weekly meetings to which writers may bring pieces to receive feedback and comments on their work. All meetings are announced on our social media.

3. Do I have to bring a piece of writing to join?

No, you are very welcome to come to listen, give feedback, and enjoy the company and banter.

4. Can I join even if I don’t write (yet)?

Of course, the more the merrier!

5. How do I get feedback on my piece?

To get feedback, we ask writers to send their pieces as an email attachment (please no pdfs) to by midnight the day prior to a meeting at the latest. All submitted pieces will then be collected into a booklet so attendees may read along during the meeting. 

6. Can anyone join Uni-Verse?

Yes. Uni-Verse is a safe-space for any and all creative minds, our (currently virtual) doors are always open for fellow astronauts wanting to catch a ride either as freelancers or official members.

7. I want to support Uni-Verse, how can I do that?

Glad you’re asking, you can do so by either becoming an official member or even a sponsoring member.

8. What is the difference between the two options of membership?

Official members are usually fellow writers that want to join meetings and events on a semi-regular basis. The membership fee is 3€/semester OR 5€/year.

Sponsoring members are mostly adulty-adults (is that a thing?) that want to support creative minds while mostly not choosing to actively involve themselves in the meetings (while always welcome to do so of course). The membership fee is 30€ per year. 

9. How do I renew my official/sponsoring membership?

Great to still have you with us! For you, it’s super easy: just transfer your membership fee to our bank account and we’ll be in touch once it went through. Details below.

official membership:  3€/semester OR 5€/year
Uni-Verse: Verein für Kreatives Schr.
IBAN: AT45 2011 1839 1585 5400
reference: membership fee [NAME]

sponsoring membership: 30€
Uni-Verse: Verein für Kreatives Schr.
IBAN: AT45 2011 1839 1585 5400
reference: sponsoring membership [NAME]

10. Do I need to be a member to join the regular meetings?

No, all creative minds are welcome.

11. Do I need to be a member to join events?

Again no, but for some events (workshops) we might ask you to register by sending us a quick email so we can anticipate group size.

Your question hasn’t been answered? Don’t hesitate and send us an email at