1) Everyone (that includes English students, Erasmus students, other students and non-students) can join our weekly meetings.
2) Come as you are. You don’t need to send in anything – you can always just lean back, enjoy the stories and join us as a listener.
3) The exact date and place of our weekly meetings are announced in our Facebook group, but it’s usually every Wednesday, 6pm-10pm, at The Highlander (Sobieskieplatz 4, 1090 Wien)
4) Make sure to check out our Facebook page, our Podcast and our Podcast’s twitter as well.
5) If you want to read one of your stories (prose <1500 words)/poems (poetry <80 lines) at our meeting and receive feedback for it, just shoot us an e-mail at writing@universe.univie.org and drop by at our meeting the following week.
6) If you want to send something in, but you don’t want to read it in front of everyone, you can always send it in as “Anonymous” and a volunteer from the crowd will read it for you. An anonymous submission will get feedback just like a regular one, so you’re not missing out!
7) You don’t have to pay to attend our meeting. The only thing you are expected to pay for is the food and drinks you consume at the Pub or Café at which we host our meeting. You can, however, become an “official” member for 2€ per semester, so you’re listed on the website and can vote at our administrative meetings – find out more about that here!
8) Have fun, enjoy and let there be banter! 🙂