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Vienna Lit Book Club: „Less“ (October)

Our friends at the Vienna Lit Book Club will discuss Andrew Sean Greer’s „Less“, the Winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, on October 22. The book is a satirical comedy novel covering themes such as romantic love, LGBT relationships, age and travel.

Summer 2018: Creating & celebrating the Pocket Universe #1 „beginnings.“

Thank you so much to all the people who contributed to this anthology, all the people who came to our events, all the people who bought a copy and all the people who encouraged us along the way. You are the reason why this Pocket Universe exists!

Dare, Darling

a poem by Elifnaz Kabalci

Semester Opening Event Summer 2018: Narratological Experiment

How and where does an archetypal fairy tale turn into an abstract romance with the night, then turn into a coming-of-age sci-fi adventure with actual aliens and eventually turn into a coming-of-age fantasy story with actual dragons over the course of 8 iterations? At the Uni-Verse, of course!

Uni-Verse: A Guide to the Vienna University Creative Writing Society

Are you interested in joining us? We have compiled the „Lit-Hiker’s Guide to the Uni-Verse“ for you!
(Tip #1: You don’t need to be a student (or even a writer!) to attend our meetings!)

Christmas Party 2017

A Uni-Verse Christmas means cookies, chocolate (hot and cold), chatter, a Creative Secret Santa, Collaborative Christmas Stories and endless heaps upon mounts within galaxies of cupcakes of GLITTER!

Summer Poetry Picnic 2017 – Whitman & Keats

We „lean(ed) and loaf(ed) at (our) ease observing a spear of summer grass“ (Whitman) and enjoyed the „summer, when luxuriously / Spring’s honeyed cud of youthful thought (we loved) / To ruminate, and by such dreaming high / (Were) nearest unto heaven“. (Keats)


– a poem by Elifnaz Kabalci

Contra Diction or How Why Became My Favourite Word

– a poem by Livia Regen

Sunday You

by Livia Regen

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