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1) „I know exactly what this is and I just have one question: Where can I get it?“

So glad you asked! Here are all of our partners:

  • STV Anglistik – 1st floor of the English Department, up the stairs and to your right
  • Facultas am Campus – Altes AKH, Hof 1
  • Shakespeare & Company – Sterngasse 2
  • One of our Committee Members – we can set up a secret deal in a dark alley at night if that’s more your style
2) „Uh, wait a second. Where am I and what is this?“

Meme guy is right for once and we’re all so proud of him! We knew from the very beginning that we wanted to publish a Uni-Verse anthology and here it is: the first collection of our own prose and poetry and those pesky things in-between. It’s a Pocket Universe that is connected to, but still seperate from, our bigger Uni-Verse; an independent little pocket in your pocket for you to explore.

„Why beginnings?“

Well, we also knew that we wanted our anthology to have a Specific Section (centred on a theme) and a General Section (for all kinds of submissions). A beginning is, by definition, something you can only do once, so, as bloody beginners, we thought it would be most fitting to celebrate this extraordinary state of being this year.

„Are there any intergalactic chickens in this?“

Of course.

„Is there a sonnet?“


„A reflection on the loss of individuality in a time of mass-produced identity?“

More than one, fittingly enough.

„But DO you have a modern reinterpretation of an old English classic like, say, Dickens?“

Mate. This is the English Department. What do you think?

„Alright, alright, I’m sold – my pecuniary concerns are simply no match for your wit and incredibly advanced advertising techniques. Where can I get this?“

You can get your copy at
– Facultas am Campus
– phil
– Shakespeare & Company

How much does it cost?

Each copy costs €10 and all proceeds go towards our society budget -that means that that this is how we finance all of our special events, workshops, etc. By buying a copy, you’re basically buying a free picnic or workshop for yourself further down the line! 😀
We guarantee that all our travelling anthologies are lovingly packaged by (gloved) hand, kissed tenderly goodbye (through a mask) and given mountains of well wishes (especially for the health of their recipients) before setting off on their journeys.


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