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step behind the veil into a magical world, where letters and verses come to life through ancient sorcery. Stroll through this Pocket Universe full of mysteries and curiosities waiting to be uncovered by you.

Our writers have summoned their best poems and conjured up their best stories to give you a mystical experience that leaves you bewitched, bedazzled, and bespelled.

Neat – but what, like, is it?

For the fifth time since the founding of the Uni-Verse Creative Writing Society, we have chosen the best stories, poems and illustrations that writers and artists have sent to us. Each of our books is a pocket universe of different genres, styles and themes unto itself and this one is dedicated to anything and everything „Enchanted“.

How much does it cost?

Each copy costs €10 and all proceeds go towards our society budget – that means that this is how we finance all of our special events, workshops, and future anthologies. By buying a copy, you’re basically buying a free picnic or workshop for yourself further down the line! 😀
We guarantee that all our travelling anthologies are lovingly packaged by (gloved) hand, kissed tenderly goodbye (through a mask) and given mountains of well wishes (especially for the health of their recipients) before setting off on their journeys.


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