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Where can I get it?

Get your copy of this Special Edition exclusively at
– Shakespeare & Company

No reprint, so get it while you still can!!

Neat – but what, like, is it?

Each year, we choose the best texts and illustrations artists send in to us. Each of our books is a pocket universe of different genres, styles and themes unto itself and since the first half of this one is dedicated to „Nightfall“. Because our release event was such a success and also because Nightfall contains a myriad of darker stories, we have decided to release a Special Edition. It contains SIX (!) new texts, a brand new, gorgeous cover, and it is only available while in stock at Shakespeare & Company (where we also held a reading not too long ago!).

How much does it cost?

Each copy costs €15 and all proceeds go towards our society budget -that means that that this is how we finance all of our special events, workshops, and future anthologies. By buying a copy, you’re basically buying a free picnic or workshop for yourself further down the line! 😀
We guarantee that all our travelling anthologies are lovingly packaged by (gloved) hand, kissed tenderly goodbye (through a mask) and given mountains of well wishes (especially for the health of their recipients) before setting off on their journeys.


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