An Evening full of Stories – The Pocket Universe #1 Reading at Facultas

For months, the Uni-Verse had been looking forward to a very special date – June 8th, 2018. We were excited, we were a bit nervous but most of all, we were happy to finally hear the voices of the talented authors whose words are featured in our anthology. Eight of them shared their poems and stories with a bookshop that was filled to the brim with people and excited us with the stories behind their creative pieces. We hope that those of you who came to our reading enjoyed themselves and got inspired by the Pocket Universe #1. Here you can find a few impressions and probably even memories that made this evening full of metaphorical glitter and creative writing of young, aspiring writers.

We’d like to thank Facultas am Campus for their lovely support and their awesome offer to host the event; Daniel von Zottl from Farbraum – without him we never could have posted such beautiful photos; and last but not least, Ströck for supporting us with our catering.

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