It was a stroke of luck and our complete honour that we met Elif Duygu Sahan, the Viennese U20 Poetry Slam champion, at one of our meetings this year. When we suggested that we might one day host an English poetry slam ourselves, she was as hyped about the opportunity to host a poetry slam as we were to have her on board 😀

For our first test-run, we needed a small and cosy venue and after a lot of searching about, our Social Conveners Elifnaz Kabalic and Charlotte Zerz found Polkadot – an “alternative music bar for students, travellers and awesome people”. They were super forthcoming when we mentioned that we had members who had difficulties breathing in smoky rooms and even set up our stage and the mic.

It was a tough battle of wits, stage presence and preparation and ultimately, it came down to a one-on-one between Naana Bodomo and Anna Esterbauer. In the last round, Anna reflected on her life as a teacher and all the possibilities that things might go right or wrong at any given moment, while Naana delivered a heartfelt and profound eulogy for her twin brother who died in the womb.

Both received the explosive applause they deserved and ultimately, Naana emerged as the poet that was showered in even more cascading approval. Congratulations, Naana, on being the first ever Uni-Verse Slam Champion!

Here are some of our pictures from the premiere:

Elif, Charlotte and Elli talking shop before the show
Best Possible Host Elif #1
Best Possible Host Elif #2
One of our finalists, Anna Esterbauer
Our other finalist and ultimate winner, Naana Bodomo
One of our participants in the first round, Leo Perla, who went all the way from the top of the chair –
– to the floor of the stage
Another participant from the first round, Andreas Lausberger who read his story on aliens
Audience #1
Audience #2
Audience #3
The grand winning announcement with our two finalists in the middle
(and Charlotte to the right with a concentrated Triangle of Power)