Just before the corona crisis locked everyone’s doors, the brilliant Tara Skurtu stopped by the Uni-Verse for a second time. It was wonderful to have her back: a podcast recording, a reading, a Q&A session and a poetry game provided some much needed warmth, banter, and wisdom on a drizzly, grey-coloured day.

At the very end, we swarmed onto the streets of Vienna, leaving little poems of our own strewn about town – scroll all the way down to see us be sneaky and he-he-he-ing about it.

Pictured: poetry so new, it still smelled of water.
(… that might also have been the rain, though)
From MFAs, to publishing, to the creative process – the Q&A tapped into
everything writing-related & more.

Before we reunited, we’d had to face the staggering realisation that the Austrian Union of Cab/Uber/Bolt drivers has conspired against us. They are a dangerous enemy to have: for the second time now, they’ve dropped Tara off somewhere three corners away from where we are – and this time, in the midst of a drizzle.

It took a LOT of Google mapping, multi-tasking and geographic confusion, but Selina ultimately managed to locate and guide her out of the Bermuda Triangle that surrounds the English Department. Once the technology was set up, Amadea descended like an angel with an offering of fresh and hot coffee and we were good to go (pictured to the left: a happy Tara + coffee).

We talked social media, Elon Musk, the poetry that poets read (and how), international travel and the role of art in society, so find our February thoughts over yonder.

The Poetry Game

Thank you so much for making us fall in love with poetry all over, Tara! Until next time 🙂